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Siberian Propolis

Garnet Siberian Propolis - Maintains Sexual and Immune System

# 400520     150 ml    
Propolis Herbinfusion Garnet Supertonic

This unique Siberian folk medicine recipe contains Siberian deer antler. This natural substance is now proving to be one of the most multipurpose and beneficial natural supplements. Ancient Tibetans have regarded it as an essential health, energy and sexual tonic for the past 2000 years. Today it’s time for the West to benefit from Siberian deer antler and its range of natural health properties. This natural product helps to support the well-being of the immune system, maintains sexual health of both men and women, supports physical fitness, and helps support the body in its natural recovery functions after exercise.


Altai buckwheat honey, Siberian mountain propolis, Siberian deer antler, glycerin, fluid extracts of maral root, golden root, red root, Manchurian aralia root and badan leaves