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August 20

Bold novelties by Siberian Wellness for blazing August!

We've prepared for you eight reasons for happiness – eight new Siberian Wellness products from the very heart of Siberia!

Get ready for:

Bioactive beauty products to help you stay irresistible every day, as well as advanced toothpastes designed to take care of your smile.

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Siberian Wellness. Moisturizing Face Cream

Siberian Wellness. Moisturizing Face Cream


50 ml

Lightweight bioactive cream with botanical complex ENDESSENCE deeply moisturizes, smoothes fine lines, restores skin elasticity and firmness. It gives a healthy glow and freshness even to the driest and sensitive skin.

Cosmetellectual Cream

Experalta Platinum. Cosmetellectual Cream (with refill)


50 ml

Experalta Platinum. Cosmetellectual Cream (refill)


50 ml

Take care of your beauty and the environment with the new cream from Experalta Platinum series equipped with a refill! Eco-friendly packaging. 3 types of benefits:

  • 85%* less carbon dioxide emissions when recycling packaging.
  • Refillable pod (refill) made of recycled polypropylene (PP).
  • Reuse of expensive beautiful packaging: refill can be easily replaced with a new one.

Sustainable. Responsible. Smart.

* According to packaging manufacturer – RPC Bramlage.

Mattifying Face Toner

Siberian Wellness. Mattifying Face Toner


200 ml

Based on juniper water Mattifying Face Toner is suitable for normal, oily or combination skin. Its formula eliminates oily shine and helps tighten pores for a more mattified skin.

Strawberry and Red Clay Toothpaste

Siberian Wellness. "Strawberry and Red Clay" Toothpaste


75 ml

Natural ingredients (99.1%): strawberry juice, red clay and extract of magnolia bark – provide complex oral care by delicately cleansing even sensitive enamel, preventing tartar buildup and protecting teeth against bacteria which cause dental caries and bad breath. Papain helps to restore and maintain natural white color of teeth. Strawberry seeds serve as a soft natural abrasive without damaging teeth enamel while brushing. Bright flavor and bold color: invigorating strawberry juice and red color of clay.

Toothpaste. Chinotto & Lemograss

Siberian Wellness. Toothpaste. Chinotto & Lemograss


75 ml

Chinotto and refreshing lemongrass toothpaste is inspired by nature for delicate care of your teeth! Magnolia bark helps protect against bacteria which cause caries and bad breath, essential lemongrass oil works to freshen your breath. Green tea promotes delicate care for the sensitive gums, while chinotto and lemongrass will give you a feeling of freshness and cheer you up with a bright taste.

Favorite products in a new format – now in 100 ml tubes!

Find new products in your CSC or order them online. Enjoy Siberia and share it with your friends!