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Our main priority – human health

Siberian Wellness was founded in 1996 in Novosibirsk. All these years we actively develop and produce a wide range of biologically active food supplements and cosmetics. At the heart of our products are long-term scientific studies of the properties of medicinal herbs of Lake Baikal and Gorny Altai.

Products for health and beauty should be widely accessible. Therefore, for their promotion, we have chosen an advanced sales system: direct sales approach.

By the time the Company was established, we had already achieved success as experienced and effective network leaders with large sales structures. Therefore, we decided to create a business system that would inspire us personally to sign initial contracts, a system that would allow building a sustainable and profitable business, and a system capable of being passed on to following generations.


Our marketing system is clear and transparent

We respect the economic laws of the countries where Siberian Wellness Corporation operates its business

You can achieve success from your very first steps in Siberian Wellness Corporation: recognition, awards and support are guaranteed to everyone who obtains results
All actions of the Company are aimed at ensuring that the Consultants always have an opportunity to earn money everywhere. And, this powerful source of not only money, but self-respect and self-realization never ceased.

Time proves that these principles work. Products of Siberian Wellness are now popular in many countries. Our partners have been successfully working for over 20 years in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan. The Corporation’s representative offices operate in Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Spain, Serbia, Turkey, USA, Mexico, Vietnam and Mongolia. Products can be purchased online with delivery to more than 46 countries.

Siberian Wellness offers you health and financial well-being. Be healthy with effective health-improving products. Start your own business and achieve financial well-being. Our products and unique business technologies have proven their effectiveness and brought thousands of people to a healthier life and financial stability.