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September 03

Renewed minerals by Siberian Wellness: Elemvitals. Iodine and Iron now boast new formulas!

New “Elemvitals. Iodine with siberian herbs” (500658) and “Elemvitals. Iron with siberian herbs” (500039) by Siberian Wellness will help you enable the proper functioning of the body, boost vigor and maintain well-being!

Please welcome – Elemvitals. Iodine with siberian herbs!

The product is formulated with the leaf extract of bladderwrack – a seaweed rich in iodine. Iodine promotes the normal production of thyroid hormones and normal thyroid function. The product is additionally enriched with Eleutherococcus extract and Rhodiola rosea.

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Elemvitals. Iodine with siberian herbs
Elemvitals. Iron with siberian herbs

Also, meet renewed Elemvitals. Iron with siberian herbs!

We always strive to offer the best solutions to our customers, all the while sticking to the eco-friendly principles in every possible way. Respectful and careful attitude to nature prompted us to search for a formula free from components of animal origin.

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With this in mind, we decided to change the composition of the Elemvitals. Iron with siberian herbs (500039).

What's new?

Elemvitals. Iron with siberian herbs:

  • excluded deer (Siberian maral) antler powder;
  • replaced synthetic vitamin C with natural one as a part of acerola extract.

Specialists of the Siberian Wellness Research and Innovation Center carefully studied the composition and made adjustments taking into account the way other active components interact with each other. And now carefully selected dosages ensure higher potency of the remaining ingredients.

New products are already available for purchase: order them online on the website or find them in the Siberian Wellness Store.

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