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Siberian Propolis

Natural Toothpaste Repair & Renewal With Sea-Buckthorn

# 403024     2.54 FL Oz / 75 ml    


  • The most efficient and powerful natural ingredients, Siberian Wild Rose extracts and red clay improves gums, helps restore tissue in the mouth, and effectively strengthens tooth enamel.
  • Active extracts of medicinal plants of Siberia - Siberian juniper, buckthorn, sage, and chamomile - prevent the development of inflammation and periodontal disease; suppress the activity of cariogenic bacteria.
  • Essential oils are famous for their natural antimicrobial effect and ability to promote healthy blood flow.

Recommended use

Brush your teeth and adjoining gums at least twice a day.

* NO Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
* NO Fluoride
* NO Sugar
* NO Artificial flavors & colors
* NO Harsh abrasives
* NO preservatives