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SynchroVitals IV - Liver Support Supplement

# 500130     60 capsules    

SynchroVitals IV is a new 2-phase chronobiological complex designed to comprehensively support liver health and many life processes, in which the liver plays several important roles.

The morning formula - the ActiFazeTM complex – provides a patented combination of herbal ingredients used to support and protect the liver from environmental stresses.

The evening formula - the RestFazeTM complex – contains the bile-flow stimulating herbs and one of the crucial bile ingredients – the amino acid taurine.

Recommended use

Take two (2) capsules of the Morning Formula each morning, take two (2) capsules of the Evening Formula each evening with food or water.

ActiFazeТМ Morning Formula: gotu kola extract, milk thistle extract, artichoke leaves extract, devil’s claw extract

RestFazeТМ Evening Formula: Baikal skullcap extract, St. John’s wort extract