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«EXPERALTA» - your herbal beauty laboratory

Anything that is beautiful is unique. A snowflake design pattern is unique, the contours of a leaf and the shapes of clouds which soar in the sky are also one of a kind. Well, every woman’s skin is unique by the same token. Skin has a multitude of unique characteristics and its condition changes according to the season, our age and even our mood. We ourselves can see and feel all these changes better than any test shows or any cosmetologist describes and sometimes we also realize that even our favorite cream can’t offer our skin exactly what is needed in the moment.

The research on female skin conditions in different periods of life has inspired us to create a unique collection of natural blends, so that every woman will be able to create her own beauty elixir. 

The “Experalta” collection is a real beauty laboratory provided by nature, which opens up new opportunities for us in beauty care. By mixing powerful natural serums in essential combinations and in certain proportions you can create your own beauty care program, uniquely, as your own skin itself is unique. Created by yourself and for yourself, this skin care allows you to sensitively monitor your own skin condition and instantly change the treatment components depending upon your frame of mind as well your skin’s actual needs.