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Legendary Siberian Herbal Teas

Aminai Em - Liver Vitality Tea

# 500021     30 tea bags x 1.5 g    
The "Pure Herbs of Olkhon" Tea Blends and Dietary Supplements

One of the Buryat names for St. John’s wort is Aminai Em and it means "Herb of Life." The Buryat people mostly use this plant to affect the liver and bile-excretion system, which is why this dietary supplement has the name Aminai Em.

Recommended use

Put 1 tea bag in glass of hot water for 15 minutes, adults take ½ cup 2 times a day during the meal. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

St. John’s wort, corn silk, peppermint leaves, sparrow-tongue herb, chamomile flowers, rose hip fruits, immortelle flowers, dandelion root, tansy herb