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Legendary Siberian Chai

Sagaan Haraasgai - Female Beauty Tea

# 500023     30 teabags    
Female beauty tea with olkhon motherwort herb

Translated from the Buryat language, “Sagaan Kharaasgai” means “white swallow”. According to Buryat legend, if a woman sees a white swallow, she will remain young forever.
Do you know what Olkhon motherwort is famous for?
Legends say that when Buryat women began to suffer from irritability, anxiety and depression, their husbands took them by boat to the sacred Olkhon island in a center of Lake Baikal where there were some powerful shamans. These wise healers had the power to expel evil spirits and negative energy and make the women vivacious and potent again, by using secret decoction made of Olkhon motherwort.

Recommended use

Serving Size: 1 teabag (brewed in a cup of water).
Servings per container: 30