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Legendary Siberian Tea

Food Supplement "Sagaan Haraasgai" (white swallow), 30 tea bags x 1,5 g

# 500023     45 g (30 tea bags of 1,5 g)    

Translated from Buryat, Sagaan Charaasgaj means "white swallow". Accordingto Buryat legend, if a woman sees a white swallow, she stays forever young.

Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet or a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. In case of any individual intolerance please consult your health care professional prior to intake.

Product of Russia.

Manufacturer: Laboratory of Modern Health LLC, 11/20 Khimzavodskaya St., Berdsk, Novosibirsk Region, 633004, Russia.

Recommended use

1 tea bag (1.5 g) pour over with 1 glass (200 ml) of boiling water. Steep for 15 minutes, squeeze well the tea bag. Take once a day. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

Store in a cool, dry place, at a room temperature of no more than 25°С.

Motherwort herb, alfalfa herb, melissa herbs, peppermint herbs, sage leaves, origanum herbs, St. John's wort herb, clover herbs.

1 daily intake contents (1 tea bag):

Ingredients Amount
Motherwort herb (Herba Leonuri cardiaca L.) 300 mg
Alfalfa herb (Herba Medicago sativa L.) 300 mg
Melissa herb (Herba Melissae officinalis L.) 150 mg
Peppermint herb (Folia Menthae piperita L.) 150 mg
Sage leaves 150 mg
St. John's wort (Herba Hypericiperforatum L.) 150 mg
Oregano herb (Herba Origani vulgare L.) 150 mg
Red clover herb (Herba Trifolii pratense L.) 150 mg

  • Verkehrsfähigkeitsbescheinigung Food Supplement Sagaan Haraasgai (white swallow), 30 tea bags x 1,5 g