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Legendary Siberian Chai

Uyan Nomo - Joints Comfort Tea

# 500025     30 teabags    
Joints comfort tea with altay saberweed herb

The cleansing formula of Uyan Nomo Joints Comfort Tea helps normalize the water and mineral balance in the joints.

Do you know what Altay saberweed is famous for?

Every autumn after the first fros, Siberian women went to gether cranberries from marshes and swamps to provide their families with vitamins far the upcoming winter. Stranding in the frigid water, they often developed serious joints pain. The ancient remedy they have been usingup until now is a small marsh herb, known as Altay saberweed.

Recommended use

Serving Size: 1 teabag (brewed in a cup of water).
Servings per container: 30