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Legendary Siberian Chai

Khubad Sai - Carbo Blocker Tea

# 500026     30 teabags    
Carbo Blocker Tea

Khubad Sai Carbo Blocker Tea is composed according to traditional Buryat recipes that help to maintain healthy carbohydrate metabolism.

Do you know what chaga is famous for?

Chaga is a mushroom that grows for decadens on the old birch trunks and can reach up to 3 feet in diameter. Sibirian shamans believed that these mushrooms accumulatid the sacred energy of tha Earth which they used for centuries for strengthening body and mind. However they always warned people to be careful when harvesting Chaga because of danger of being shocked by dramatic energy that could be released.

Recommended use

Serving Size: 1 teabag (brewed in a cup of water).
Servings per container: 30