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ElemVitals Magnesium with Siberian Herbs

# 500038     60 capsules    

Magnesium is often called the anti-stress mineral because it has a calming effect and promotes sound sleep. It is also known as the circulatory mineral because of its regulating effect on blood vessels and vascular muscle contraction and its ability to protect the arterial lining from stress caused by sudden blood pressure changes.
Chronic stress depletes your body of magnesium. The lower the level of magnesium you have, the more reactive to stress you become and the higher the level of adrenalin in stressful situations you have. Higher levels of adrenalin cause greater loss of magnesium from cells. Taking magnesium as a nutritional supplement breaks this vicious cycle by raising blood magnesium levels and building your resistance to stress.
Elemvitals. Magnesium with Siberian Herbs provides highly absorable organic magnesium together with Siberian herbs which double its anti-stress effects. Also Valerian, Baikal skullcap and St. John’s Wort help to promote restful sleep, balance blood pressure and relieve anxiety and headaches.

Recommended use

Take three (3) capsule daily with food or water.

magnesium chelates, valerian root extract, Baikal skullcap root extract and Siberian hawthorn extract